Billy Shakes is an upcoming initiative founded by writer and director Alexandra van Kampen to promote English theatre and culture in the Netherlands. Billy offers plays, creative courses and translations.

Courses and workshops

Are you interested in hosting or following creative courses? Billy Shakes provides on-location courses and workshops in the Randstad on the following subjects:

Basic Acting age groups 14-18, 18+
Pantomime age groups 3-100



Billy Shakes also offers translations and subtitles from English to Dutch and from Dutch to English, specialising in the translation of plays, books, art exhibitions, marketing and other cultural writings.

Previous clients
Toneelgroep Amsterdam
Einion Media


Who is Billy?

Billy 'the billy goat' Shakes is the company's mascot. He likes to hold skulls and claim he knew them. Billy is owned by Alexandra van Kampen, founder of Billy Shakes.

Developing the talents of starting actors, finding their strengths and seeing them develop has made me happier than anything. That's what made me decide to offer more people the chance to find happiness on stage.

Having followed a cultural education, I earned a BA in Japan studies and an MA in Film and Photographic studies. I minored in theatre, a passion found through musical schools and acting classes. This led me to an internship with Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

I have been an actress for the Amsterdam Dungeon and for LEF, where I was also artistic director, directed Roxy Horror and co-directed A Midsummer Night's Dream, take a look at some shots below.


If want to get in touch, or would like to request a quotation, feel free to send us a message!